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Smashing LMS is a learning management system with a difference. You could call it e-learning, a VLE or a class page, but Smashing LMS is much more.

When we conducted research for this project, we found that schools use way too many online systems, all requiring separate usernames and passwords - for sites such as:

  • MyMaths
  • SAM Learning
  • Accelerated Reader
  • VLEs
  • Moodles

and there's plenty more.

In late 2013, Smashing LMS will be including modules such as library management systems, learning quizzes, essay homework's, and other awesome learning management features - enabling students to have one username, and one password to access all of there learning resources.

When it comes to VLE and LMS software, It can be pricey. This is why firstly, Smashing LMS is free, and secondly, we plan to create a hosted version of Smashing LMS, allowing you to host your learning environment, on our servers. Allowing for a less hassle experience.

Thanks for taking a look at Smashing LMS, please do check back soon for more updates and information. If you're a developer - please get in touch! we'd love some help from you!

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